I can't see my backgrounds when I try to preview it on the computer

Hey, does any one know what is wrong because when I try to preview my story, and it gets to this part, I can’t see my background. Also, there is no error in the script, so I don’t know what is wrong. Here’s a picture:

Here is the background that I’m trying to see:

Add in zone 2 to shifts command

whats shifts command

@Apes but I still can’t see the background in the phone.

Try copy and pasting the background from the art catalog. I see the background isn’t italicized so I’m guessing you misspelled it?

but I put an overlay to it too so that’s why its not italicized.

Oh nevermind. Still try copy and pasting.

I did, it still did nothing

@Dona_H and @Apes thanks for the help, but I figured it out already.

@Jeremy, @Sydney_H, or @Ryan could you please close this thread?

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You got it! :grin: