I can't see my character while reader can change her


Hi there,

I used a code that allows the readers to change two characters in the beginning of my story.

When I click on ‘Preview’, I can see the reader can change the character with some options, but he/she can’t see the character on the screen while he/she is changing them.
I only see a black screen behind the choices for the reader. :no_mouth:

Can somebody help me?
Thank you in advance! :relaxed:


Shall I see your script?



Thanks for your time!


If you want to be sure you should try one of Dara’s template. I’m sure they’re gonna work…


Sometimes episode app/web preview can have some errors… :wink:


BTW, @LovefromKatie you use LL char, right?


Oh okaay thanks!
Yes i’m using LL :slight_smile:

Ohh… so when I’m update my story for the readers, they can see the characters right?
I’m new, so I’m just an amateur! :speak_no_evil:


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