I can't see my custom overlay

My custom bus overlay isn’t showing up in my previewer. Can Anyone help? THANK U IN ADVANCE.

Can you show your script?

The warning message you screenshotted is because you already added the bus overlay with the background. There’s no need to use the Create command. Adding the overlay with the background name and using the create command just creates multiple of the same overlay.

Ohhh then how come when i DO remove the “@overlay create” i still can’t see it.

It could because you’re zoomed in and in different zones. Have you tried zooming out to see where the overlay could be located on the background? Also try removing it from the background name and using the create command.

According to your script, there’s a few reasons why your overlay may not be showing up.

  1. As Dara already stated, you cannot have duplicate overlays.
  2. You haven’t spot directed the bus. So it could be literally anywhere on your screen.
  3. You haven’t scaled your bus. If your overlay is very small, then it may be hard to see, but if the overlay is huge then they always end up being off screen… regardless of whether you use “@zoom reset” or not.
  4. Something that always happens to me: If you uploaded the bus [in another tab] but already had your script preloaded before your overlay was added to the portal, then you have to save and refresh the page before it’ll appear.

its strange since i can see it on my phone but not in my web previewer.

Sounds like it could be the 4th issue then. Try refreshing your script page and previewing it again, let me know if it works or not.

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