I can't see my overlay anymore

When I first added my overlay, using @overlay and not @ui, I was able to see it and move it around in the preview area. Now I can’t remember when it disappeared–if it was before I changed it to ui or after I changed it to ui, but it disappeared. I don’t even see that dashed box that usually surrounds overlays and characters when you’re trying to code their spots. I even zoomed out to see if it was anywhere away from the background. I don’t understand what’s going on. I didn’t even change the spot of the overlay and it’s fricking gone.

Someone please help.

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is it in a differnt zone?

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I’m not completely sure about this, but I believe that using 1 for opacity doesn’t work on ui commands. Just try changing the 1 to 100%; it’s the same thing.

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Okay I’ll try it

it’s in the same one :frowning_face:

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No luck

That’s too bad. This are pretty unlikely, but I’ll acknowledge them just in case:

  • It could be a glitch. Try refreshing your screen?
  • If you miss-typed your scale it could be too small to see.
  • This is extremely unlikely, but if there is a glitch with the overlay, you may want to delete it from your uploads library in Episode and then add it back.

You may also want to change it back to “overlay” instead of “ui” to see where the problem is occurring. Sorry that I’m not much help. I hope that you find out the problem.


Thank you. I’ll check these out.

When switching from overlay command to a ui, you might also want to try changing the shifts zone to be in zone 1 instead of zone 2 and then it should pop up where you’ll be able to use spot directing on your overlay and may then need to redo your shifts and scales.
As I think that might be the issue is that it needs to be coded to be in zone 1 but it’ll still stay in the place you want it to be throughout different zones.

So &ui SNIPER OL shifts to 237 277 in zone 1

If that doesn’t work then maybe it’s a glitch :confused: or the zoom? Or I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t3: Lol I tried.

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Okay! I’ll try it.

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Bahahha :joy_cat: he was in stealth mode. No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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