I can't see my overlay

Here’s the script

&NIKKI spot 0.988 85 136 AND NIKKI faces right
&NICOLAS spot 1.064 248 114 AND NICOLAS faces left
&NIKKI moves to layer 1 AND NICOLAS moves to layer 1
@overlay NIKKI create
@overlay NIKKI opacity 1
@overlay NIKKI to layer 3
@overlay NICOLAS create
@overlay NICOLAS to layer 3
@overlay NICOLAS opacity 1
Firstly, choose your gender.

I’m wondering if it’s about the overlay name? Or if it’s just generally not working. Or maybe my overlay is just so big that it won’t show up

Hi there, overlays do not work well with this particular background. They are extremely large when added to this background and don’t work when you try to animate them. It would be best to use a different background or upload your own all black background and use that.

Ohhh okay, I’ll try another background. Thanks.

Edit. it works with a different one. Thank you so much

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