I can't seem to log into my account via apple id

Hi there! I can’t log into my episode account through apple Id. I somehow can log onto the episode forums but not the portal. This is what happens when I tried to log in.


If anyone knows what to do or how I can fix it, please tell me how. I was in the middle of writing up a story. If anything, would the last resort be to create a new account?

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Try restarting! This happens to me but it works after restarting


I haven’t been able to log in for ~3 days as well, I submitted a support ticket but no response either!

I have the same problem and I tried to send an email but they didn’t respond.

Restarting? As in restarting my laptop or… my account? If so, how would I restart it?

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I see… I tried logging in again and it came up with a ‘if you had previously had access to it, you might of been revoked’.

OMG I just did it and it worked LMAO!
Thank you so much!! <3

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No problem :relaxed:

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It works now, it was an issue on their side!

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Ohh I see. Thanks!