I can't seem to zoom reset!

so lately i’ve been focusing on zooms in my story, i’m still working on the first episode though. I have advanced zooms in my first scene which is in a park, i used zoom helper and fortunately it works great. Moving on to the second scene, i also used advanced zooming but… although the zooms work, but i can’t seem to reset it. At first i thought the problem was because i was using a background that is still in review but, i deleted the background from the script and it didn’t work. Sometimes i would preview it on my phone or sometimes on my laptop… but the funny thing is, when i previewed it on my laptop from the line before the “zoom reset” it didn’t work. It would still zoom on my character but… when i previewed from the line after “zoom reset” it works, i’m really confused and i don’t know what to do next… can someone help me?


Omg it works… i can’t thank you guys enough
thank you too much <3

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Err… i’m too sorry to be such a burden to you guys but… it worked on the first time i previewed it but when i did it the second time, i didn’t. I’m so sorry to confuse you but i really need your help

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Try your story on the app instead of the web