I cant start a new account on episode

I’m unable to sign into a new account on episode when I try to continue with google but it works perfectly fine with facebook

The device that I’m using is huawei p smart s if that has to do with anything

I have trouble with that too but i usually press log out, log in, log out and then log in, then it will ask me if i want to change accounts, if you are trying to log into an ios account on your android, it will not work sadly.

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No the problem is it doesn’t even give me an option to sign into a Google account at all it just goes into face book

Let me see if I can send you a video

Have you submitted a support ticket yet?

Yes I have but the only option that they give me is the right of erasure meaning that I won’t be able to access episode on my device ever again

So basically I have no account to log into because I haven’t created it