I cant stick to one story

I’ve had the same characters and a rough story idea in my head for over a year and these past few months I’ve been really working hard to get all the details together and now that I’m FINALLY DONE - I find myself not wanting to write this story anymore. I think it’s because it’s fantasy and at the time I wanted to do fantasy but now i really want to write a more realistic story. I’m gonna cry because I just really want to write an episode story but I’m not sure if I should scrap these characters/story and just start over. Any advice? :frowning:


I’m sorry if I’m annoying you guys. I feel like I’ve asked for so much advice on this story already.

Do whatever you feel is best for you! If you need any help or ideas, if you need to get inspired again or cure writers block let me know, i’d be happy to help. You could get re - inspired and write the fantasy, you could make a new story more realistic, you could even make a realistic version of the story your writing now, or do both. Whatever best suits you. If you’re unhappy with what you are doing then it’s going to cross over to your audience. Best to be interested than to expect others to be.


This is pretty much how I feel…


I don’t think scrapping is a good thing. Why don’t you keep that story aside for a while work on something you want to, like something realistic and then maybe get back to it some time in the near future and ask yourself if you like it. And if making some changes might help you turn it better and more motivated to write it. Or you can let it be as the first one you planned. I never published my first story. It is alright to do so.

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I do this with every single story I write. It’s pretty normal, actually. You just have to keep going, even if you don’t have the motivation for it.

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thank you so much! If I need any help/feedback I’ll message you. I have no friends on here lol, so ty for that. <3

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Yeah. But I decided to just push through it because I think it will be a good story and I spent so much time on it. Maybe you can try that too :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you! I decided to still write it.

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Thank youuuu <3 I feel like if i scrapped this story and started a new one, I’d do the same thing anyways. So I’ll continue with this story.

I don’t think you should force yourself. Hold on to it and get back to it after a while. It helps.

Take a pause, you already found the inspiration to create the basis of the story, and soon (I promise it will come) you will get the inspiration to love it again. I don’t think people who aren’t writers understand the mental and physical commitment we as writers have lol.

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I think the biggest reason I don’t want to scrap the story is because of the characters! They’re super developed and basically real people living inside my head. So for me to NOT write the story would drive me crazy. I’ve already fallen in love with all of them. That’s why I was iffy about it. Thank you, though <3

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