I can't stick to one story

This is so frustrating. I’ll be ready to make a story and bang out a couple of chapters and just get bored with it. Anyone have tips to combat this?


I’ve been having the same issue for the past few weeks, but am finally sticking to something. What have you been writing about? Have you connected with those stories? Try writing something that has an element of your life (for example, I’m Dominican and lesbian and I made all of my characters Dominican and one of them is lesbian), and you might be able to become more interested in this story and stick with it. It doesn’t have to be a big part of your story, but just try to relate/connect with the storyline/characters in some way!


Writing on episode is just like writing a book. There’s writer block and you get inspired by different things.
That’s the issue with creative people; we tend to get sidetracked because our heads are so full of ideas that we end up doing multiple things at once or scraping older ideas. That’s the artists process. Sometimes it can be a good thing or bad thing.
I would recommend recognizing that you’re getting bored of the idea or falling into the pit of writers block. Take a break.
Look for inspiration. Watch videos. I love watching a movie or video and gettin my ideas for my story.
Make some changes to your original story. Changing things up can inspire you to writ.
I have 15 different stories that I’ve scraped that are just sitting in portal! I know how it feels.
You could always just force yourself through it. Chances are, if you put enough work and dedication into a project you’ll become more attached. You’ll work on it more. Publish your first 3 episodes and put a huge amount of effort into those episodes. It would be like painting a stunning painting, you couldn’t possibly scrape a painting like that? You’d have to finish it!
So do that with episodes.
If you publish it, you’ll get responses which can definitely encourage you. I love seeing people read my stuff, even if it’s just a few or one person.
The idea that someone you know nothing about is viewing something you spent hours/days/weeks on is such an amazing concept.

Don’t give up and work through it.


This is actually quite common, so it’s nothing to be worried about. I, personally have had this experience before, and this is what I’m doing to sort of “overcome” it.

For me, this is because I keep on having new ideas that I think would be cool for a story, and it sometimes gets really hard for me to focus on just one story. But, here’s my suggestion:

First, I would write down all of the ideas you have for stories on a piece of paper, or somewhere on your computer. Now, you have a whole notepad full of creative ideas. Next, pick the idea on that list that interests you the most. You now have the opportunity to plan out the basis of that story. Nothing too detailed, but what kind of ending it will have, how many episodes, and the plot twists. Now, just begin writing your story! You have to really motivate yourself to write this story. If you ever find yourself getting tired of your story, I would recommend incorporating something new into it. Maybe a new character? Maybe a new plot device? Maybe even a plot twist / villain?

This is what I did for my situation, and I hope this helps you out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mash the story lines together, for example Eva is a witch in high school, suddenly dreams about her owning her own mafia Eva uses her magic to rule her rebellious and troublesome mafia?? Idek something like that, and good luck! :smile: