I can't understand the mistake here?

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a topic lol.

So I’ve been having this problem right over here for almost half an hour, and I really have got no idea what’s going on. I have tried literally everything but no :pensive:

Please help!


Your help will be very appreciated! :blush:

Thank you, Vicky.

Can you open up the bracket and send your script?

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just wanna mention if its from a choice it has to look like this

choice (ariwis_apol)
“Apologise to the guard” {

if (ariwis_apol is “Apologise to the guard”) {

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Noted, thank you!

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@Sydney_H could you please close this thread? :blush:

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yeah I made the mistake, if you dont it like that, it wont say its a mistake, but it wont show readers the if, elif. so it be like its not their.

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Closed by OP request :grinning: