I can't upload my artwork!

Hey I am currently making my own art and if I want to upload it it won’t work I don’t know how to change the artwork into the right the size so that episode can approve it.
can you please help.

thank you!

ps: I make my art on Sketchbook if you know how to use this, please share!!
or if you know a better program to make art on.

Hey! I always use this website to resize my images:

I hope this helps you!

Omg thank you so much!! I will let you know if it worked :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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No problem! :kissing_heart::hugs:

Yey thank you so much it worked!!
haha :heart:

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I’m really happy to hear that! You’re welcome. :blush::heartpulse:

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You can also make the canvas the size you need before you start. What app do you use? I can show you how if it’s Ibis Paint X because sometimes resizing artwork makes it looks smashes