I can't upload the large cover

Okay, this is getting on my nerves. I don’t really understand what’s the problem, but boy oh boy, this is not the first time it has happened.

So my problem is: Every damn time, when I create two covers (the lil one and the large one) somehow the writer protal gives me a middle finger when I try to upload the large one. First, my cover was 1.13 MB and I realized, oh okay I messed it up, no problem, I’ll save it as a JPEG in Photoshop and compress it a bit. Then, I have a 630 KB picturestill cannot upload it. So I compressed it again, and again, and again when the picture’s only 106 KB… you can imagine the quality of it lol. BUT STILL. I can not upload it because it’s apparently “too large” and the site gives me this info box:
Okay, PNG format is highly recommended, but I can’t even do that. For some unknown reason my pictures (I check the size every damn time) get larger sizes on the site (??) through processing than they actually are. For example: I tried to upload a 133 KB JPEG and then the site says it’s 1.17 MB. Yeah dude… sure.

Anyone has any idea please? What can I do? Because honestly, I’m slowly losing my mind…

Make sure that all attributes to the file and image are correct.

Small Cover Suggested: For quality, images should be at least 420x580

Large Cover Suggested: For quality, images should be at least 966x642

I can resize it for you if you want.

Yeah, I checked it as well before posting my problem. I have either 966x642 large pictures or twice as big. So that couldn’t be the problem.

Can you pm me the images you have used that come up with this error?


Of course, thank you.

maybe u could try making it png through a website or resizing it thru a nother website

I tried it as well on https://compresspng.com/ but somehow it didn’t work either :frowning: But thank you for the tip!

no problem :slight_smile: