I cant watch ads to speed up the passes process

idk why but i just dont have the option to watch ads so that i can speed up the countdown, i always had it but now its not showing up. does anyone else has this problem too? lmk!


I encountered this too, I just restart my app hehe

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Yes, it sometimes happens to me as well! Just try to restart the app or close and log in again. :v:t2:

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yeah i tried but nothing changed, and in my ipad where i have another account i cant watch ads either :frowning:

I think they removed it, because I don’t have it either. :unamused: I hate waiting, to be honest.

They might have removed it temporarily because a lot of us had problems with it. Once we watched those adds, our timer restarted the countdown and didn’t give us any passes.

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Maybe it doesn’t appear always by default, it may be random (?)