I can't work on my stories anymore


I’m having a problem where, when I go to work on my mobile created stories, all of the characters and diolouge are gone. I can’t even add my characters to a scene. Still, when I press play, the characters and diolouge are there, and when I go back to editing, the characters are still there, but as soon as I click on them, they disappear. Also, I can’t create new characters. Well, I can make them, but as soon as I try to add them, it says I can’t. This has been happening for awhile now and I haven’t been able to edit any of my stories. I love writing on episode, but it has become impossible. I’m not sure what to do!


Hey there @MissRose04, sorry to hear about your issue. I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team; they’d be happy to help! :smiley:


im having the same problem :frowning: maybe its a bug?


Probably. :smiley: Go ahead and submit a ticket as well, unless you already have. :wink:


Thats happening to me too