I challenge you to make a whole background!

Hello beautiful! :cherry_blossom:

If you’re up for a challenge then this is for you!

I need someone to edit a phone where in the screen you see an instagram, (epigram because copyright) and there is a post where there is one of my characters posing.
Here it is in a picture/drawing form:


(It’s so bad omggg) :feels:
But that’s the main idea… ( I forgot the outline of the phone…mybaaadd)
Its basically the whole background that I need someone to make, because I am incapable of such thing lmao, it would look worse than that drawing istg…

Now the account of the post is ace.ain
The photo caption: businessman :sunglasses:
Comments under the post:
max.aino - looking handsome my man
charlie_allenoun - what a babe :pleading_face:

And here is the actual post itself :sunglasses:

you can edit the photo!
and if you think you could make a better photo than that ^ then you are welcomed to do so!

if you want to make the post itself but not the whole phone background, i can drop the characters appearance:


Skin: Rose 3
Brows: Furrowed Raised S (Dark Brown)
Hair: Medium Taper Wavy (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Blue Green)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (Pink Peach Medium Matte)



That would be all! I’ll understand if it’s too hard, but I want to see how people understand this quest. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask;)