I could really use a cover


Hi there. I am in need of a cover for my story.

I would like to have this girl on the left and she would be doing idle_awkward like in the photo while facing right. I would like this guy to be on the right and to be close to the girl before. He would face her direction which is left and be doing the animation flirt_shy. This last girl would be on the far right and will be facing left towards them, with the animation arms_crossed_angry.
If possible I would love for the backround to be EXT. HIGH SCHOOL EXTERIOR - DAY.
Thank you so much!

The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE can help you she is awesome or @MysteriousAcro


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me and pm team would love to can you resend the details here please


Okay thank you.


would you like the character edits @jessy.writes


Or I could if you want me too




Do you have an insta? You could check out my examples on there if you want


Yes i do




did you check this out and yes do you have any idea of what you want


I know some people only like certain styles or want a certain style… my insta is @Chay_episode_615


I might be able to do it…


hey A wanna do small and i do large


Since you can’t cut out the background I will and give you it


Actually I’m not sure about the character edits.


do you want hilght and couturing


@L.I.W.F come here gurl


Lmao, I’m here