I could really use a cover


@jessy.writes I made this just for fun @AngelinaTheUnicorn do you want to do the splash instead

You don’t need to use it I just was bored sorry angelina


didn’t chay comment on here first?.. you shouldn’t really just “call” things and start tagging people when someone has already asked to do it. you and the others on here automatically started discussing it out without even letting the first person who asked to make it get to say anything. not trying to cause drama, but maybe you guys could try to handle taking requests a little slower and stop calling things and just let whoever has already said they would do it, actually do it.

(this is a common issue in the art resources section. hopefully this will be fixed soon so everyone has a chance. :slight_smile: )


Do you need a splash that says thanks for reading and leave a fainmail


No thank you


Sorry I was about to commet about it but I left it cause I didn’t want to start any thing


it’s okay, just please make sure you’re including everyone. chay asked to do it and when you talked about the small cover, you tagged everyone except her. she was the first one here and wanted to do it first, so i think it’s only right if you include her in the request. :slight_smile:


If @jessy.writes want another thing I let chay do it


@jessy.writes did you like the cover


yes it’s adorable


im gonna leave you guys to it because I going to bed but save the splash I was going to do for her




@L.I.W.F hows the small cover going




So I made this one…



I did your warning splash as I ma part of epi.sister.hood!


I did your warning splash as I ma part of epi.sister.hood!

Do you like it?


yes thank you