I could really use some help



I know I posted his yesterday, but I am a new, young writer on episode. I’ve watched tutorials on how to write in the Limelight style, and I’ve been coding it like I see in the tutorials. But, Episode keeps giving me warnings saying certain commands or blah blah doesn’t exist. Idk what’s wrong, i could use some help.


Can you give us examples of what you need help with?


What exactly were you trying to do, and what warnings came up?
And how young? You can write on Episode from age 13 and up.


Certain commands don’t exist for certain genders. If you get what I mean. For example in ‘ink’ the action flirt_coy exists for female characters but not for male ones. I hope this helped. If this isn’t the case then see if you can put a screen shot of the warning on then I can help from there. If it is that the action doesn’t apply to the character then make sure you always check the behaviours by characters section in the future.


hi! I don’t know if this is any help, but it’s something I got wrong a few times: always make sure you have brackets around the actions. for example, KAYLEY (talk_neutral)


In the tutorial I watched (Joseph Evans hehe) he wrote his script the way i did and his had no errors.
> @BRENT exists left AND BRENT is walk_worried_loop

> @BRYCE exists from left AND BRYCE is walk_angry_loop


Brent and Bryce are two different characters in different zones


@m-d im almost 15


Could you take a screenshot of where it gives you the warnings in the box so it’s easier for us to suggest help ? x


It’s “exits” not exists. Maybe this gives you error.

@CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral

These commands work perfectly for me. :slight_smile:


oh thank you! That worked lol


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