I could use a Little help loggin out

Hello, I’m having a bit of trouble logging out of my episode account so I can go on a different one. If someone is willing to help, I would really apricate it.

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On the left hand corner in the app you will see 3 lines. Click that.
Then you’ll find settings click that.
Scroll down and you’ll find log out and boom :wink:

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I meant in the episode writer portal. Every time I log out, It goes back to the same account. I want to be able to go on a different account.

Click on your icon.
It should give you two options.
Sign in using your gmail account or your facebook account.

I already tried that, and every time I hit Gmail it brings me back to the same account.

It’s probably because you’re signed into the same gmail account.

I signed out, but I want to put a different email there so I can go on that account instead of the one I’m already logged on, but it keeps bringing me to the same account.

Try doing it in the app instead of the web portal.

Okay, well thanks for trying to help. Thank You!

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