I created a CC template, and added tattoos to it and stuff >.>

This is just specifically for this story, it wouldn’t work as it is for someone else, but if you’d ever be up for it, you could totally use it (just, you have to make the same outfit many, many times if you CC with a tattoo, but I’m excited to do this for this particular story idea I have)


I love this!

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Thanks!! You don’t see anything strange, do you??

Nope!! I wish tatoos was apart of the customization

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The reason it isn’t, well…>.> I wish so, too, but look at all the extra work involved:

This is only two outfits, technically. I think it’ll be worth it, and if I had the patience (and if the portal wasn’t updated so the outfits can’t be renamed and slightly edited and saved under a different name anymore T.T) I’d add piercings and beauty marks and freckles, too, but like…layerable, so you could have piercings AND tattoos, or beauty marks AND tattoos, or two different tattoos.

I would have done that were it not for the change in the portal. T.T This entire process took about 7 hours. Creating the template and making the outfits and everything. T.T

Woww the thing is the tatoos are accessories so you would have to add it to EVERY single outfit and honestly its just long

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Yup ^^

Luckily, the point of this story, the idea I have, you won’t really have to do a ton of outfit changes involving tattoos, so.

I think it is worth it for a little extra customization ^^ Like I said, I’d add all the other stuff, too, if it weren’t for that update >.>

Hey, Episode team, if you’re reading this, change the portal back T.T X’DDDDD

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Edited again

Updated with ink lip colors and renamed the choices so they aren’t clunky ^^’

Also fixed other minor errors (like with spelling and caps)

Lukewarm bump?

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