I desperately need YOUR advice

Hey, so I read a lot of negative reviews about stories that are clishey, and not relate let and has the same plot
I’m currently in between writing a story , I had it all planed out, but now the more I read the more I want to emprove and now I’m just stuck. I can’t see where the story will go, because I take inspiration from other episode stories and try to make something of my own. But now that I read all the negativity about them I can’t see why I should even try, if people are not gonna read it ?

I don’t have special art skills so I really can’t promise something new to readers and English is not my native language so I can’t promise something really high quality.

Please share some advice. I need it.

:blue_heart: Babygirl! Write what you want!!! Wherever your inner author drives you, take it there! As long as you adhere to the guidelines and are careful with your theme’s message, feel free to publish what you wish.
Many people have issues with what is common now because they’ve seen so much of it. But there are plenty of people who love those stories. So, really, the only opinion that should matter, is your own.
My advice: be respectful, be kind and be your own person.


Honestly, write what you want. I know I’m preachy about clichés, but you can take a beloved cliché and turn it into something different.

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Thank you , I just needed someone who said that :smiley:

It really helps :slight_smile:


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