I did not steal someone else’s work

Ok so I’m annoyed that I have had to write this! I will not name this person on here but I received a PM earlier today saying they had seen this post by me.

And said that I must have stolen it from another author because the same type of game (template) was in the other persons story.

I want to make one thing clear, I have not nor would I ever steal anyone else’s work! Any work created by me is original, any work in my story that I am writing is by me or has the creators credited at all times.
If a story has got any games that are similar to mine that have been posted on here, they have either created it themselves or have used my work without credit.

I do not like being accused and it is quite upsetting for someone to PM you and accuse you of something stealing something you have worked hard on!


Sorry if you have seen this more than once my phone was playing up.

Closed: This is best to be discussed between yourself and the other person via private message. Not appropriate for the public forums :v: