I did want to do a college book next but my stubborn mother wouldn’t let me

I did want to do a college aka music class to earn a degree in piano. I was going to write a book for episode but my mom is actually stubborn and wants me to work over college. Every time I try to tell her, she ignores me. I don’t want to have a job I didn’t even sign up to do.

My mom thinks working over going to college was right for me but unfortunately I disagree. Is there anyway online music class I can take because I rather quit my job right now.


You aren’t gonna have a happy life doing what she wants you to do. Stand up and make her listen.


Idk know about any music classes.

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Also, if you’re ever happy about doing something you love and your mom disagrees, watch this.


You want to go to college?! Lol

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You are exactly right, AMagic!

This is your life, not your mother’s. Since this is your life. you should be able to have a job that you want to have.


True but every time I try to tell my mom she basically ignore me and want me to work over going to college. I do wish some colleges would help people who can’t go to college.
My sister already graduated from college and my brother will graduate this May from college.

They job I really want to do is to teach piano lessons. :grin:

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Ok well I been playing piano lessons for 9 years .

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Yep but unfortunately my mom wants me to work over college.

I don’t have a computer to do the update for Story now but I’m planning on getting one soon.

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Although my parents think I put something in the toilet but they bully me more than ever.
Did anyone else parents yell at you for putting something in a toilet.

My parents are always blaming me

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