I dislike periods! Periodt

I’m lying in bed rn, rolling around waiting for the excruciating cramps to go away and wanted to make this thread to distract myself from it. So as you can tell I’m on the cycle, day 2 (my worst) and I want to know how you ladies deal with yours and what remedies you use to help ease the cramps. Or guys, how you deal with woman while they’re on their periods, be it there mood swings or food cravings :joy:.

I’ve taken 2 panados (painkillers) and it’s been an hour and nothing has changed -.-
Yesterday I started crying for almost no reason and laughing at myself at the same time. My brother was just like …oke and left the room. I get cravings but then when I eat it gives me cramps!!! :pleading_face:

Why did I make this thread

POLL: What do you prefer to use?

  • Pads
  • Tampons
  • Mentrsual Cup
  • Period Underwear
  • Sponge?!
  • Other (Name bellow!)

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I don’t get cramps :new_moon_with_face:

But I get cravings rip :pensive::v:t4:


Oh my goodness you lucky bugger. Used to not get them and then was cursed with it.
Food is a great time tho👌


Lmao, okay…

So when I was in school, I just used to curl up in a ball and die. Idk why no one ever asked me what I was doing coz I legit used to just get up in the middle of class and lie on the carpet to deal with cramps. Maybe people just thought I was weird and so let me be :woman_shrugging:

I don’t get cramps too bad anymore. I only had one experience where my periods were really bad at work and I felt faint-ish so I kinda just died on the floor for about half an hour until I was ready to drive myself home.

Despite this, I’ve never actually taken anything for them or tried remedies. I guess I just know they’re going to pass eventually so I wait them out.


Cramps really know how to worsen a day :joy: Hahaha shame at least they let you be.
Yeah most probably best to not interfere with it, just let it take its course, only natural. Am too much of a wuss to wait it out oof. The pain is finally gone now :relieved: :woman_facepalming: :joy:


lmao same. Day 2 isn’t as bad as Day 1 for me, but I get terrible cramps. I suggest not taking too much medicine since it can cause issues with the kidney. Usually when I’m at work, I’d take a moment to straighten out my back (since I get cramps in that region the most) and leaning against something for support for a bit. Its my coping mechanism, I guess :laughing:. At home, I just stretch out on my bed to alleviate my pains for a bit and then everything is fine after.


hah same :sweat_smile: the amount of times I’ve complained to my best friend about cramps is ridiculous. It hurts too much to ignore, y’know?


Very true. I try my best to not take it, only when necessary. You should really try out a hot water bottle and lay it on your back or tummy, it works wonders. The pain is just there and almost all you can think about :joy:


My remedy is to cry… Except it doesn’t help… I just cry :laughing:


I must be the lucky one that I don’t get cramps but I crave like hell. But in my last cycle I got the worst pain till now as it was my first time ever cramps. In my house I was screaming and running, dancing and I don’t know what to do. I was so many emotions happening at 1 time.


But my remedy is to dance or do any activity at outdoors and laugh​:smile::blush:


Because of my various breathing and physical limitations (I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff wrong with me, not gonna get into it in this post) I can’t lie on my back or my stomach and can’t do really any kind of exercise outside of walking or a light jog so I just kinda have to curl in a ball. Oh and I can’t take a lot of types of pain meds because they mess with my other meds that I need to take.


It was my worst day uhhh… . When I crave something much that in one week my 2kg weight increases :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

Thank you for thread. I removed all my emotions here finally :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

I just lay down and slowly die.


I love how much attention this thread got to quickly, we love to complain about periods xD


I have like really bad pms like before and during my cycle. Like I’m insane when it comes to it. Like one little thing will send me spiralling with anger. But yeah the cramps do hurt at times for me no lies and I have like really big boobs so when my period comes around or around the time it gets so painful my mom had me buy me cabbage just to calm them.

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Yah it happens like that. When I took one painkiller for 1st time it messed my whole digestive system it became more worse than that honestly.

Cabbage? Never heard that one :thinking:


At home I crawl like a snail with sadness and pain

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