I do art requests

Hello :wave:, I know there is a lot of people doing art for people but I would really love to help all these amazing :wink: people on the forums. I have only been on these forums for a month and I’ve felt like I had improved A LOT since I joined at art as before I did normal ugly character looking things but now they’re what people would say wow at. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that if you request now that you can improve and make your own art :grin::grinning:

So for a cover these are the request details


Author episode name / ig:

Background details (e.g. dark and gloomy, girly and pink. Etc)

If you want put all your character details or put a picture like this

and say what emotions you want:

Other details:

For a splash just put

What one you want (e.g. to be continued, turn sound up or mature themes etc)

Instagram or episode name :

Background details:

Other details:

For anything else just write down everything like this describing what you want fully. :grin::grin:

Here are examples

I also make art scenes and character edits.


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