Can I request a cover? :slight_smile:


I Know There’s A Very Slim Chance That My Request Will Be Accepted, But I Thought I’d Give It A Shot :see_no_evil:. Anyway, I Was Thinking Of There Being A Girl Whose Walking Down A Path With Her Suitcase To Show How Far My Character Has Come.

Something Like This:

~ Or She Could Be Turned Around With A Look Of Determination.

The Character In The Story:

Example For The Background:


~In The Event That You Actually Choose My Request, I Could Give More Details If Needed :grinning:. If You Don’t Choose My Request Thank You In Advance For Taking The Time To Read My Request And Keep Up The Good Work :blue_heart:!


Hey, are u still taking requests?


Hey, your art is honestly stunning! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Please could I request some? :smirk:
If so, here are the details :smile:


Girl (Chara)

Characters: Girl (Ink)

Skin tone: Light

Hair: Beach Wave

Hair color: Fawn

Eyes: Round Bold

Eye color: Toffee

Eye brows: Seductive Round

Nose: Soft Natural

Face shape: Oval

Mouth: Classic

Mouth color: Blush

Guy (Jack)

Characters: Guy (Ink)

Skin tone:Tan

Hair: Short Cropped Hair

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Classic Round

Eye color: Blue

Eye brows: Thin Arch

Nose: Button

Face shape: Chiseled Square

Mouth: Uneven

Mouth color: Toffee

Poses: Something like idle for the girl, but could the guy be hugging her whilst having a few tears rolling down his face? Also, maybe with his arms wrapped around her? Hugging basically :joy:
Jack: image
Chara: image

For the background, could it please be:

If you decide not to do it, I understand :slight_smile:
But if you do decide to do it, then THANK YOUUUUUUU :relaxed:


Can you make me a intro and outro❤️Can you dm me on Instagram @breezy.epyeditz is my name on insta


Hi Can I get an art scene for my new story? If so plz Dm me on ig at @nightoxon


Hey ! I would like to request an Art scene for my story “Broken Secrets”. I was wondering if you could do the pose shown below but with a gun in the man’s hand and the girl looking at him not scared but more or so romanticly as if she was in awe… Also the background could be an alley or something scary\ganster related. The outfit for the guy can stay but if you want you can change the girl’s to anything BUT pink… Thank You !!!


@ushio are you accepting requests? If so:


skin- light
hair- cropped black
eyes- classic round blue
nose- button
mouth- classic blush
eyebrows- medium sharp
face- defined triangle


skin- light
hair- beach wave fawn
eyes- upturned feline purple
nose- upturned
mouth- full round ruby red
eyebrows- seductive arch
face- oval


any badass outfits


Hi Ushio,
I’m wondering if you still are taking art requests. I really love your work and have been looking for something like this for a while now. If you’re still available let me know! I’m super interested haha. Keep up the great work!
Regards, Dominique K


Ughhhhh this is gorgeous! :heart_eyes: I would love to request if you have time! :heart:


Your arts are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!


Off topic but…

ME: Omfg wow these are good! I think im gonna request
*Scrolls down at requests *
ME: Oh, nvm

You make really amazing art @Ushio you truly have the gift of an artist!


Omfg, you are amazing! Could I request an art scene?


Hey Ushio, May I make a request?


@ushio If you have no requests left to do, please do this. I understand that the art scenes take a while to make, so if you don’t get to mine soon, that’s fine.


Can you make the two girls hugging? And can it be like only showing from their waist up and the one that you can see’s face have a tear in her eye?

Orange hair is the one showing her face
championchums_round2_anne example
The background is the college dorm from the episode examples at daytime but you don’t have to put it.
Thanks, in advance for considering my request! :hearts:


Hi I would need an art scene if it’s possible for you ^^
So here are the characters concerned in their outfits.
I will just describe it ^^

The girl is smaller than him (head a little below the torso of the guy)
The guy kisses the girl’s head
She has her hands clinging to the boy’s jacket
He has one of his hands behind the girl’s head and another in the back of the girl’s back
She’s crying
Make it just black or a rainy background, more outdoors, I don’t have a preference :slight_smile:

Tell me if you need anything and of course I will credit you :wink:


They are closed atm


Ok thanks ^^


Hi! Do you know when you’ll be opening again? I really think your art is beautiful!


I’m not requesting anything but just letting you know your example arts are amazing! :+1:t3: