I do coding (for any story!)


I can do advanced coding, and I have been doing it for a year! I would love to help someone code a story!


Hello, I need a good skilled coder for my writing group, but if you’re not in for a group that’s ok. I will pm you the details about story ok?


Can you help me with Advanced choices?


maybe you should form a coding group, where people who know how to code help stories worldwide!


hey! i am new to the community and so is my friend can you help us with our stories?


Of course!


I am very expierenced!


Hey, luv can you please help me with coding? :slightly_smiling_face:


CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH MY STORY…If one so plzz help me plzzz


hi i would love it if you could code my story ??




Ooo! TY I will dm you!


pm message me on insta: isabelledibiasee


I need help with coding you can pm me on insta




Its episode.nikky


:slight_smile: i can start right npw, actually.


I can start right now*


Just messaged you! :slight_smile:


Hi :smile:
Soooo I’m a new author and I have been writing the same 3 scene for a couple weeks and I just need someone to write them lol cus I can’t code. LIKE AT ALL XD