I do cover art, profile pictures, intros, outros, custom poses, & more for free

Hello beautiful episodians!
I just wanted to say that I love helping people without expecting anything in return, and it’s up to you if you want to give credit or not.
I make custom poses, cover art, art scenes, profile pictures, story reviews, and script templates for free! Here are some examples:

Pm me if you are interested, or visit the link in my IG bio @alwejdxni and complete the survey. If I don’t reach you within in hour, you can dm me.
Thanks my lovelies :pray:


Hello! I’m trying to make a cover for my story but I can’t make it. Can you make it for me pleeeeeease? I will be very thankful if you do.

Of course :slightly_smiling_face: just send me the details via Instagram or complete the survey in my IG bio

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Oh wow :open_mouth: Could I request for one please :sparkling_heart:

Of course! Just send me the details

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Thank you soo much I’ve messaged you on instragram :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

You’re welcome :innocent: I haven’t received a message yet so are you sure you’ve entered the correct username?

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I’m unsure Hun it’s pm on instragram my name is c.b_episode I hope I not send to the wrong account :see_no_evil: sorry I’m new to this :sparkling_heart:

Is this your account?

No this one Hun xx