I do cover art!

Send me the background, the person with their animation wanted and clothes wanted (I suggest going to characters then selecting the person, their outfit, animation, and screenshotting it.) If you want a sound cover, send me the person/people doing the idle_headbob with headphones on. I do Limelight AND INK!

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Do you have examples of your work?


Hi.I just started writing a story.If you are not occupied,can you make an Episode cover for me?

My instargram account is @missmusic_episode if you want to discuss more :slight_smile:
The size of image is 966x642

The title is Our Eternity Love
Author:Miss music


And everything else posted on this thread that’s finished

sorry abt the white . . . Is this alright?

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I was wondering if you might make me a sound splash, and a cover, please. If you cannot it will be okay.

Here’s your sound splash! I hope you like it! If you have a problem w/ the size, I can resize, too. Send me your author name and the title and I will finish up your cover! :smile:

My author name is- Adora Wayne
Story Title: Not Another High School Love Story

OMG! I freaking love this :heart_eyes::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:.I didn’t expect you to finish this asap. Tqsm for your kindness.:sob::sob::sob: I will make sure to credit you :wink::cat2::cat2::cat2:

Haha! You are welcome. I enjoy doing this :blush:. Pass it on!

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Do you perhaps have an Instagram account? Mine is @missmusic_episode.It’s easier to communicate there.

Your 5th image has blackface. :expressionless: Maybe i’m overreacting.

I’m sorry, what are you saying?

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I do not. :frowning: sorry.

Blackface unknown Enhancing or exaggerating your features and color of skin to represent another race usually in a offensive way.


It’s alright :blush: