!I Do Cover Art!

Hey Guys!!! I can now do cover Art, and if you need me to, I can tell you how to make your own!!!
I do:

-Cover Art-
-End Cards-
-Media Splashes-
-Episode Markers-
-Cover Lessons-

  • Put a picture of the background you want

*Put a picture of the character/ avatar (s) that you want to use

*Tell me the name of your story!!!

*Tell me what you want made and how many different options you want

(You have to put your characters in the pose you want for your cover/covers)
(Don’t have to give me credit)
My Portfolio

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Could you show examples of your work? :slight_smile:

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These are so cute!

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I would like a end card made and maybe 3 different ones.
I would also appreciate if the characters had a little more of a realistic view like in the picture below.

Can do!

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Thank you so much it means a lot to me.

You should have it by one in the after noon at most!!

It looks amazing and thanks!

It’s no problem!!

Tried my best sorry it took so long the files go tlost on my computor and I had to find them!!!
I hope you like them!!!

End%20Cr1 End%20Cr3 End%20Cr2

Please let me know what you think!

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Hi! I’m writing my story called Crossroads and i’m looking for someone who can make a cover for it?!

I need something dark - like something scary - a shadow behind my character or some sort of, but I don’t want it to look too realistic, so it combines with the art style of INK.

Do you think you could help out?! It would mean the world! Also, I can send you the approximate style that my character looks like.

Yes I can help you no problem!!!

I was thinking if you had an idea, I might not even post my character on the cover if you can try and make something like this I found, it seems seem cool and mysterious and stuff. Also doesn’t look that real, more cartoonish.
But if you can’t, I also added my character in a pose i’d probably want her to be in :wink: I don’t have an actual background for it though…
The story is simple and funny but also very mysterious and romancy and dark. So I was going for the scary but not very scary vibe, more confused sort of… hope you get me, im pretty bad at explaining haha.aa43729fd86f4a87e0d538e534f52196f3f7c85d

Can do!!!

Oh and If you want I have a few backrounds you can use :blush:

And, also what anamation is the one you have used for her in the picture you sent???


Okay, I finished two cover options!!! Please feel free to tell me what you think about them!!!

I also have a few backrounds that you can use if you want to!!!

download%20(1) download

Can I have a cover for my story called College Days: The End Is Just The Beginning

(small and big please!)

the background

Okay!!! I’ll get right on it!

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Can you put either By PikachuK18 or PikachuK18