I do Episode Art/Covers for free!

I do Episode cover and story art for free as quickly as possible to send to you! I do both ink and limelight.
Please contact here or if you can (it’s easier for me) DM me on my Instagram contact account @ana.art.nya!


I think you should post examples so they can see


Hihi can you make an art scene for me so you have an Instagram so I can msg your there otherwise it’s okay soo reply fast

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Can I pm you instead? :thinking:

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Can you show examples^^?


What kind of style is ur art? Cartoonish, realistic, etc. ?

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You can DM me on Instagram if you want. @ana.art.nya.

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I haven’t done any specific Episode covers yet but I have done anime and cartooning - here is an example.

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Hello! Can you make me a story art?
I want girl holding a ouija board
skin tone is Cooper 00
Background black

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Closed for review.


Please bring any evidence of plagiarism to the forum staff instead of posting it directly in the thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:


What happened to the examples?

@TamiRose I think she ask for a profile pic but still it basically the same as what she just requested

Look on your IG I made your “art”, if there’s a problem with it you might want to tell me to change it. :smiley:

Oh yah okie dokie :crazy_face::blush:

The hair was kinda messy but I can change it all of you want.

I got art from @TheDevelopingMeme
Now I am requesting something different from here

Nope there I asked something different

I already got from @TheDevelopingMeme :joy:

Your description is the same. Why’re you laughing? :expressionless:

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