I do free art ( covers, intros, outros, art scenes…)

Hi there. :blob_hearts:
I don’t know what’s going on whit the art shops , but I haven’t got any requests lately…. I’m kinda getting bored :sweat_smile:. I wanna draw but I don’t know what to draw. So I thought I should create a topic….

My art DRAWN . I can do covers, intros, outros, art scenes and splashes. I can’t do BACKGROUNDS .So if you have any requests, fell free to drop them down below :sparkling_heart:


Make sure to write this when you make a request.
-how many characters
-outfits for the characters
-the pose you want
-the background you want
-title, font (if its a cover)
-if you have a deadline

Here are some of my exemples

Open me


Your art is amazing! Can you draw horror type of art scenes?


Thank you :sparkling_heart:. Sure, what would you like me to draw :blob_hearts:?

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I will tell you the full details within a couple days if that’s ok. I just wanted to confirm that you do art scenes with that genre because I’m writing a new story with a horror theme :revolving_hearts:

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Ok, no problem :sparkling_heart:

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Have you ever watched the movie Scream?

this is so amazing, can i have something exactly like this but with these 2 characters?
and these are the characters

I saw some videos of it, but I haven’t watch it entirely yet…. :sweat_smile:

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I glad you like it :blob_hearts:.
Of course I can make it. :sparkling_heart: Do you have a deadline?

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Lol well do you remember that mask where the eyes and mouth are stretched out long?

Like this:
scary ghost reference

Well not really i’d like you to take your time hun but it would be great if i could get it sometime this week :blob_turtle:

it’s called scream!!

Yes, i remember

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I usually need 2-3 days do finish a drawing so I think yours will be done Tuesday, is that ok?

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that’s perfectly fine thank you :two_hearts:

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Could you draw something like that but make it more like its face is a little melting and the color grey?

Yes it is

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You welcome :blob_hearts:. I have two more questions.
Just wanna make sure. Do you want the characters to wear the clothes from the picture?
And what about the background? Do you want the same one, or do you want me to change the colours?

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So the same face, like the mask, but it’s gray and it’s melting ?

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well i would like the female to be wearing this
(also could you make her hair medium straight long instead of the one in the character card)
And for the male he can keep on the ones he’s wearing but just replace his shirt with