I do pfp outlined drawn!


I do profile pictures! Hair is also included.



I outline characters


I don’t need one but these are really good!


Thanks! If you ever do I’m open.


So freaking cute


Thank you!


Thank you! I’m proud of the first one.


:0 I want one


Message me details!


Also if you want the first one like yours.


Will you make me a Halloween one? I have to get you details later not at home so can’t get them.


Of course!


You do LL to right?

These are not the cloth’s she has to be, its just on there because it was .my character details for something else.


Also you can change the hair style as long as its same color and long. :slight_smile:


I’ll do it. I’ll ask my friend to do the hair.


Thank you. Have fun and just make it Halloween. :blush:


Okay :ok_hand: