I Do Story Reviews! (again)

Hello everyone. I know it can be quite hard to get exposure for your story, and that is why I have made a review form for you to fill out so you can get more reads and a review!! Submit a request here:


Note that if you request here it will probably be discarded please request on the form

thank you and I look forward to reading and reviewing your stories :heart:


bump :two_hearts:

Hi love! Do you review unpublished stories? :slight_smile:

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yep! just send me the link! I also do proofreading if you want :smiley:

Hello! Are you still doing reviews? I’d love to be on the waitlist, but it says the form will open in a few hours (I checked when you posted this and got the same thing).

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oh im just trying to catch up on the review :smiley: it’ll be open soon and I’ll make a post here saying when it will be opening :heart:


Just popping a message on here to hopefully be notified when your form reopens! I’d love a review so i can improve my story.

Gem x

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Yep! I will be putting a post here when the form reopens, but you can follow me on my instagram: @deja.epi to get quick updates :smile:

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Hii…I’m definately a small author and you know what I had posted my first story today only…
If you are hard to looking for suspene , action, romance , drama you definitely would love my first story.


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: REVEAL: SKY OF LOVE

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Reveal.Sky of love
Plesae feedback my story.
I would appreciate if you let me know.

Title: Asters Academy
Genre: fantasy, dramedy, adventure
Chapters: 3, just published today
Style: Ink
CC: No cc
Description: A curse disguised as a blessing, secrets slowly unraveling. Tinker is forced to learn the truth of her identity when her mother to tells her she’s a witch. multiple pov’s
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6519934511939584