I don know what kind of story to make

I want to make a story about drama and a turn of events with a group of 5 friends…
But I don’t know what it should be about nor what story name title to use…any thoughts?


What about a title like those books “The ____ ____ Club”? Like The Jane Austen Book Club or The Joy Luck Club or the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants or something along those lines? The 5 main characters are connected in some way, part of a group.


  • Maybe they have a shared history, like a traumatic event. Maybe there was a school shooting or something and they were all first hand witnesses to the events. Survivor guilt, PTSD, all kinds of stuff.

  • Maybe they’re part of an amateur mystery-solving club, a “Scooby Gang”.

  • Maybe a 6th friend died and they’re all named in his/her will.

  • Maybe they’re all camping together and a meteorite gives them all superpowers. A sixth person who was camping nearby also gets powers and is their main antagonist.

  • Maybe they’re all stuck together in quarantine for 21 days and being confined together tests their friendship. Some have boy/girlfriends on the outside whom they can’t be with, and maybe a temptation within the group.

  • They all grew up together in a small town and are now trying to navigate life in a big city university together.


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ooo thank you!!

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