I don’t know how to create art but I want it

I would like for someone to create some art for a story I’m trying to do

like cover art maybe? :thinking:

Yes cover art but I don’t know if u can do one that’s on the front of the story

I have this thread for u all u have to do is fill out the form,
and follow the rules::heart:
My thread

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I want Kate to be in the middle of the two boys
And also I have no preference to a background tho but maybe u can come up with something right,

If you want something basic you can always use powerpoint

Also I tried looking for you on Instagram but I couldn’t find u

Omg really

Is it too much to ask for you to help me create one

Yes but I don’t know how to do it

Sorry but where is the chicken nugget thing at

The last one is the kind of background I want and the blonde character I really want to have in the middle and the boy with the bird mask on the right and the guy with the phone on the left so there facing each other
A request

Did I do it

Well I kinda want it regular but I’m not the artist here so I’m fine with whatever you do.

Oh and the title of the story is why me?

If ya still need it lmk


But I won’t do it if you already got Sofia and Lauren doing it

What’s a thread