I don’t know, I’m confused

For my story, I want to make the readers choose how my main character acts. So, they’re given two choices. And which ever choice the readers use is to be remembered. But neither choice makes you lose points. And I’m confused how do I code that and whether I should use either gains or the point system, or do I use both?

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I would say, use the point system. I think it will be a bit easier. It is for me. But you can use both

Okay, thank you.

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No problem

For personality, point system is better because you can use “if nameofpoint > nameofpoint2” to change how they act, and it can always change throughout the story. Gains can’t be “ungained” so they’re good for a one time thing, but if you’re considering multiple choices through different chapters, points work better as they’re always changing.


So for the points, so I would write nameofpoint +5 or something like that right?

Yeah, you can put it in your script like “@CHARACTERNAME +3” but it has to be a character,so even if you want to do a point system that has nothing to do with a character you’ll need one to represent it.