I don’t know if my story is allowed under the Episode guidelines

I’m sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong category.

I’m writing a story about how someone wins the lottery. I uploaded custom overlays of the numbers on the tv and a check. Both of these weren’t approved. There’s only one ticket that is bought. I know gambling and betting isn’t allowed. Would a story about winning the lottery be against the guidelines? Thanks.


A lot of stories have gambling and betting in them. I would think it’d be okay. I would just contact @Sydney_H

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It is indeed against the Content Guidelines to promote gambling, betting or casinos. Much of the focus is on illegal gambling, such as betting on underground fights and whatnot.

Gambling can be present in a story, but it can’t be framed a good thing. So the story would have to have negative consequences as a result of winning the lottery, and the character can’t be under the age to gamble because then it would be illegal gambling.

You also won’t be able to show your character directly gambling.

Happy writing!


Solved and closed. Thanks to @Sydney_H & @Tyler for the assist :slight_smile: