I don’t understand why it’s doing this

Okay so, when I placed my overlays in a spot in zone 2, I preview my story on my phone and it comes up with this message:

Now I know that the message means that you have to add it to the background or create the overlay first, but I already have, and it’s just not showing up :sleepy:. Here’s my script:

The only command I have after that is @.pan to zone 2 in 2

So what’s going on? :thinking:

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@Dara.Amarie @LiyahxWrites @JemU776 @Apes ? Could any of you help?

I’m not entirely sure how to fix this problem. Try writing the overlay with the background name. I had this issue once and I had to rewrite it attached to the BG name and it was fixed.


Yeah, I would add overlay to the background as well :grin:


Oh okay, but how would you write the x and y coordinates with the overlay if you’re adding it to the background?

Okay thanks! :blush:

INT. CLOSET - DAY with SUITCASE to 0.478 154 21 in zone 2 at layer 0


Thank you so much for the help!! It worked. :heart::two_hearts:

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Sorry, I was away from my phone. But I’m glad you got it worked out!

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Thank you too for helping :two_hearts:

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