I dont feel like myself

i dont know what i did to deserve this, you guys are amazing. youve made my night i dont feel as alone anymore
@foxyLolz do you have an insta id love to keep in touch with all of you guys

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Yes I do! It’s @foxy_says_epi (I try to be active but sometimes life happens :joy:)
But yes that sounds great! :blush:

i understand exactly how you’re feeling ! the virus that shall not be named is having this effect on everyone, i think. this sucks for literally everyone. i’m a dissociative, i have dpdr disorder and i often go for weeks at a time not recognising my own reflection at all , and feeling incredibly separated from my body and myself , and not really knowing who i am ? but i guess over time i’ve come to accept that my dissociative episodes pass and i still need to fulfil my responsibilities, because i can’t allow the fact that my brain is dysfunctional to consume the entirety of my life. i am worthy of a happy and fulfilled life despite the fact that my brain does not do what it should. often what helps pull me out of an episode is doing things that bring me pure joy, like listening to specific music or playing video games or just being around animals like my dog . if you’re able to do any of those things (or anything else that you know brings you joy) then i’d really recommend it (: sending light and love your way

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thank you so much for responding, been feeling like this for months and stopped doing things i loved doing, like drawing. i just know got back into it and its making me really happy:)

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I relate to this…

before this virus, I used to not care about my grades and told myself to just do your best because of that I end up having a 4.0 GPA at the end of my sophomore year.

Now a Junior with this virus, my grades started flopping and my mom would bug me about it when she never did in the first place and school makes me so stressed and I don’t remember school making me so stressed! :sob:


no literally! I used to care so much about my grades, but now I just don’t care at all:(

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Hey… remember! Your family probably have good intentions, even if they sometimes ignore u, act like they don’t care, try control u. They still care.

everyone goes thru a rough spot. My recommendation… sleep, go out (w friends, on a run, to a cafe), read, write a list as to y u love urself. Wash ur hair, get out of bed, wear ur favourite clothes, bake, work out. Do things u enjoy! :white_heart: and remember… u got this (:


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