I don't get how to direct

I don’t get how to direct. I have already watched several tutorials or chose to use spotlight where i don’t have to place characters. But i make always mistakes. Like when i want a character or two to enter a scene they walk over each other and you know there are Guides but urghh maybe i’m too stupid and i should give it up rather?

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Directing needs practice and some more practice :sob:

Here on the forums there are a lot of templates as well as people willing to help.

If you want to have maybe to characters walk after the other you may do:

@CHAR1 enters from right to screen right
@CHAR1 enters from right to screen center

Dunno if that helps but if you need more info I will try my best to help :heartbeat:

But why is directing so difficult?

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It is a coding language and certain demands are really hard to follow as you need to type it out a certain way.

There are times I still wanna burn my computer out of frustration :rofl::rofl: I have this weird thing where I prefer to direct on PC rather than laptop.

And how do i like make the camera move further along the scene these different zones seem complicated

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Right so when you want the camera to slowly move you would do

@pan to zone 2

Whereas if you want a quick jump

@cut to zone 2

So the zones are just like if you have a big picture cut into zones/sections

ahh ok

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