I don't get this πŸ˜‚

Pls help my 5 year old brother with his homework, my mum is out, and I don’t get it either!



< is less > is greater
So 5> you have to write a number smaller than five
9 < a number bigger than nine

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I have not done math in years so took me a couple of second to remeber how to.

5 > 4

9 < 10

7+2 > 5 +3

1+3 < 3+ 2


Exactly what Line123462 said

Basically fill in the blanks with numbers that β€œgo with” the signs.
5< put any number greater than five in the box

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Thanks, he says thanks


An analogy of this is a crocodile. < and > kind of look like crocodile jaws, and the crocodile will always want to eat the bigger number. So whichever way the jaw is opening up, that’s the bigger number.

5 < 7
^^ here, the crocodile jaws want to eat the number 7 because it’s bigger.

5 > 3
^^ and here, the crocodile wants to eat the number 5 because that’s bigger.

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