I dont have a freaking title


Hey everyone, I might temporarily leave forums or be on it less than I used too. Things r different here, idk I just dont feel the same. But Im gonna still be on, just not as active, but I wont leave.




U alright?


I don’t know you but Don’t leave :frowning:


Awwwww everyone will miss you




Jen :sob::sob::sob: gosh my daughter I will miss you


The Confession Thread 😘

Awwwwww Jen I’ll miss you take care and always pm me whenever you want to talk I’ll miss you dear!!! Also I’m glad that you’re one of my grandkids!!!


Thanks, but Im not leaving. I just said i might temporarily leave or not be as active. I probably wont be as active though.


Im not leaving!


If you are not leaving then this thread has no purpose. Closing. Thanks.