I don't know how to feel

hey lovess

So, i like this guy ima just say A amd I’m not sure if I still like him though? Well one of my close friends “kind-of” liked him. Also this other girl my ex-bestfriend likes him as well. So he also got an unexpected foot surgery and I felt SO bad, because i mean he was crying in class dude. Not the point, anyways this is kind of confusing but you can try to understand.

*Basically, i didn’t tell my close friend (Eve) that I liked him because I wanted them to get together kind of but at the same I still liked him. I just was likee, yeah not with me. So my ex-bestfriend (M) was kind of I feel like “overprotective” of him. Yesterday, i asked these words exactly “If Eve asked you to be her Valentine, what would you say?” he said no and when I told Eve she said she already have one :woman_facepalming: Later she said ima ask him for you, and i’m like OOOOOF.

Sorry for this weird disorganized Rant but I needed it.

I also accidentally through a pencil grip thingy directly at his eye, but he blamed his bestfriend bc he’s his “bodyguard”


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Do what feels right <3


My immediate thought wow guy has got 3 girls liking him.

So, big question, do you want to ask him out?


Yeah ik :joy:

Also kind of buttt not suree

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My advice: If you want to ask him out, go for it! The worst he can say is ‘no’ and in that case you can move onto liking someone else instead.


How are you not sure? Do you want to date him?

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