I dont know how to make a character walk out onto the screen help?

I am having trouble trying to get my character onto the screen when i want them to create a look for there character, when i input, 'walk_Neutral it came up as error when i previewed it, can someone help ? x


  • @CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

  • put here name of your character

thanks xD also one more question, what do i put the display name as ?

Display name is the name shown in the story, so you just have to put a name that you want to be shown for your character in your story:

F.eks. the script name for your character is YOU, but the display name can be Sandy or any other name that you want👌

(I hope that I didn’t confuse you :sweat_smile:)

Nah tysm ! :smiley:

One more thinggggg How do i get them out of the screen ?

and how to change outfits xD

@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

I think its:
@CHARACTER exits left/right

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@CHAR exits left

if there facing right and you want them to exit left you would put

@CHAR faces left AND CHAR exits left

same thing with if there facing left

@CHAR face right AND CHAR exits right

but if there facing they way you want them to exit its just

@CHAR exits right

@CHAR exits left

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys !

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