I don't know how to make my characters break up

So you know how stories have that one boyfriend at the start who always for some reason cheats,
I would like to make the MC and the boyfriend break up but I don’t want him to cheat on her because I in my opinion it’s getting old. Does anyone have any ideas?

You could just say that they realized they weren’t in love with each other and decided not to be together. Break ups don’t always have to end with someone getting hurt.


that’s a good idea

they could just talk it out and realise they have different long term life goals and would be better off with other people (but it could be an amiable split in which they wish each other the best) lol

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I like that idea as well, thanks

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-They are stressed around each other, or they feel like they can’t be themselves
-They can’t trust each other; trust issues
-They feel insecure around each other
-They aren’t committed to their relationship
-They realize that they aren’t meant to be (So maybe they realize they have feelings for someone else, but they don’t cheat)
-They are always arguing and feel like they just aren’t happy


woah, thanks for the ideas.

@juliewrites @zerocantwrite @nqomie would any of you like me to credit in some way?

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You don’t have to unless you want to. You can use my forums: @juliewrites

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Ah, no you don’t have to credit me! If you really want to, my forums user is fine to use.

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not really ! it’s alright (:

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ok, ill put it at the end of the episode

ok, thanks for the ideas

I will put your forums at the end of the episode :grin:

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