I don't know how to solve this

any idea why it is giving me this error?

Remove the indentation from “Hair” {

didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

Add choice before “Hair” {

“Hair” {

didn’t work

it gave me a new error

Get rid of the space between choice and hair


different error

like all of the choices have { and } but it still says error!

There might be an error inside the brackets for the choices, could you send the script inside the brackets please?

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it’s too long :sweat_smile: but I checked each choice one by one it just so says that at the end the bracket is wrong although it is needed to be there to complete that main big choice

if I erased that bracket it says the same error

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Maybe I just have bad eyes but are there dots before and after each animation bracket when they talk?

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no it is a kind of glitch I believe I saw it in every bracket but when I click there is no dots

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Could you also show the script for the choice to sleep in jasmine’s room? There are many possibilities why it shows this error. If you have the choice brackets, you either have an error inside the choice or when remembering choices, many people can’t refer correctly to past choices. But since those are not if/elif/else scripts it is going to be the first option.

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it says the error is only from Ethan’s room not jasmine

Or wait, try to put the word choice on one line. I think thats the mistake. It is currently with option one in the same line. Like this:

”Option 1’’ {


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nope didnt work

Hm, I’m going to try to type in the script myself later and look if I can find the mistake.

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No problem! Could you dm me the script? (If you don’t want to write it here)