I don't know how to start my story

hey guys! so far I’ve written two stories on episode and ended up discontinuing both of them by episode 4 because I end up running out of ideas. I’ve been brainstorming a lot recently and I have a really great idea for a new story but I don’t know how to start writing it. can someone give me some advice on how to start a story and not run out of ideas? thank you so much <3

Here are some things you can do to not run out of ideas:

  • Make sure the plot is big enough for an episode story if that makes sense
  • Add plot twists and add new conflit to keep the story moving

And here are some ways to start an episode story:

  • Flashback
  • Drama/Action
  • Wake up scene maybe?
  • Dream
  • Doing something part of an everyday routine ex. Showering, getting ready for school, having breakfast…

thank you for the advice!

No problem :+1:

Try notebook.ai with your planning problem. It will flesh out your stories before you start writing them so you have an idea as to whether you have enough info to start. I have a post on notebook and how it can help.


thank you so much your planning resource is so helpful!!

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Ever thought about combining your 2 stories? I had over 50 story ideas and every now and then I’ll look and see what can work well together to an expanded fleshed out story.

honestly i’ve never thought of that but if i were to combine them together the stories wouldn’t work out since they’re extremely different from each other

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I’m glad you like! It’s the best thing I’ve found, probably because it’s mainly for D&D Dungeon Masters :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend it to so many people that I reckon I should have a sponsorship now

it’s amazing i’m using it right now to plan my story & characters! it made me realize that i’m missing tons of information for my story oops lol

gotcha! :+1:

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