I don't know if this counts as art, but I need your help

I need a downloadable word document that looks like this

or like this


The name of the asylum is Phoenix House, or at least it was named that before closing down …
I would edit it myself, but I have to do it 3 time considering I have to make one for each of the 3 characters and that’s exhausting considerin I’m supposed to be looking for a job rn.

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Where I’m from, Phoenix House is a place where younger boys go to avaoid time in prison.

I forgot to mention it’s still a real place, but until somewhere in the late 70s that was a drug rehabilitation in Hart Island and the institution was transfered to a place in Manhattan instead. Is that what you’re reffereing to?

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No, I’m in Canada.

It’s like a rehabilitation home for young male offenders. Still open.

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Wouldn’t know, I only took the information I got from the website researching the history of the island

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